Inspirational, Inviting and Innovative (Workshops)

Psychic Rendezvous brings together some of today's brightest psychics, mediums, readers and the spiritual.

Psychic Rendezvous - Hotel Booking

Would you like to stay at a Psychic Rendezvous Weekend as a guest? Meet other like minded people.

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What's On

Your guide to the UK's Premier Psychic Rendezvous Weekend.

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Workshops and Training

Develop skills under controlled conditions.
2 days of workshops to choose from including mediumship, tarot, angels and more

MBS Fair and Exhibitors

See who's there or book yourselves in as an exhibitor.
It's our biggest MBS Fair to date, make the rigt connections.

Psychic Evening Show Tickets

Friday - Ralph Keeton / Val Hood / Debbie Dean Tickets now on Sale

Saturday - TJ Higgs Tickets available.

Law of Attraction - Special

Friday Afternoon
Use the Law of Attraction to seek out what you need, want and deserve.

These sessions are exhilarating and educational.

Angel Workshops

TV medium Ralph Keeton shows you how to work with 'Angels'.

Angel workshops are deliberately limited in class numbers. Be enlightened and find out more here.

Psychic workshops

These classes are designed to inspire your conciousness.

Allow yourself to take a step closer to your own journey.

Spirit Development classes

Not sure where t start or need to take things a little further with your own spiritual journey?

These sessions are designed to lift and enhance your own spiritual path

Awakening weekends

Try our 'Awakening' workshops. These classes allow you to try a mixture of developments at leisurely pace.

Why not eanble your journey to go further.

Meet and Greet days

The ‘Developemnt Day’ ceremony.

Held over our weeknds. Join the growing community and share.

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